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Tracy is a Music teacher by day and the lead singer of Old Skool by night!   Tracy has won various competitions for her amazing vocal ability and has a wealth of experience fronting various bands.  Tracy is also the band manager so if you do decide to book us then you'll probably speak to her!

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Ryan is also a Music teacher but in Old Skool you'll find him playing shredding electric guitar solos & singing backing vocals. Ryan is also very important as he sorts out all of our sound.  He makes sure the band can all hear themselves and that you get the perfect sound on the dance floor all night.

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James is a highly regarded  performer both on guitar and bass.  James plays in various bands and for many shows.  James's bass lines are particularly funky and he comes into his own when we're playing our disco numbers.

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Paul is well known in the area for his  drumming in many shows and bands.  Paul prides himself on recreating the exact drum parts from the original versions of the songs we cover.  Look out for him playing his drum pad, particularly in our 80s sets!

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Dom is no stranger to playing in party bands  and made quite a name for himself whilst playing on cruise ships.  Dom likes to play as many different keyboards as possible at gigs and if you're lucky you might even get to see him rocking out on his keytar!

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Tim is the most sought-after trumpet player for all the pop and function bands in the area, probably due to his ridiculously high notes and super solos!  Tim's playing has been heard far and wide - you may even have heard his playing on some TV shows and adverts!

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Ben  provides the extra oomph to the brass section with his slide trombone.  Versatile in so many ways, Ben adds depth with his low notes and helps create that authentic Old Skool sound!

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